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Originally Posted by LapLap View Post
Ootoya looks good. I've seen them all over, but I've never thought to try them. I like miso katsu once in a while, and the menu says they have it there.

Originally Posted by rustykettel View Post
Doutor for food or just drinks? I have yet to have a matcha latte back home that is the equivalent from there, and a regular latte is almost as good. Even JPN Starbucks doesn't quite match it imo.
Doutor for drinks. I've had sandwich there before... was not good. I used to buy their maccha latte thinking it was good until I realized Starbucks' was better. Doutor's maccha tastes more artificial to me and, after one sip, the foam goes and you're just drinking maccha milk. The one at Starbucks tastes like more authentic maccha (although it's probably pricer, too) and you have a better chance of getting a drink that stays foamy, although it also depends on who's making it. If you're there right now, you should try their seasonal black sesame latte (goma goma latte) which is an unbelievable drink.

I get iced coffee at Doutor, which I think is really good, but the standard for iced coffee in Jpn is quite high and these days you get great iced coffee at konbini for less.
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