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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
I have the USA version of the HSBC premier world mastercard. Just realized that since Jan 2019, Uber credits are now limited to 20% of the ride's value. For example, if you take a $5 ride, the card will now only give a $1 ride benefit credit (I have not maxed out my $50 annual benefit allowance).

I was shocked to find this; haven't seen any communication from HSBC announcing this change, and couldn't find any info about this benefit reduction after extensive googling. Does anyone have a similar experience, or is it just me? If this was indeed sneaked in without any announcement/communication, I'd say it's pretty underhanded.... HSBC doesn't even mention it on the official product page of this card.
They've taken our 20 Uber credits away entirely so you should be happy!
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