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Union news conference with the affected FA is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pt-gYpN1D8 - might need to back up on Youtube to see the beginning.

Passenger was the last to board so FA could not asses his condition before the door closed. Request started 2.5 hours after departure. FA was the Deputy Chief Purser. 3 FAs helped him to the Lav....rang bell after 1 minute to ask help to remove underwear (his front was pulled off but not the back)...

Got to run and will summarize later if no one else does it the next few hours.
Summary of the events:
  • 2h30min in, pax says he needs to use the J lav to relieve himself
  • Arrangements made with J team to block off the lav for him
  • 3 FAs and DP assist Pax to J lav
  • Pax goes in, one minute later rings the call button, the front is off but the back isn't; they need to help him take off his underpants or he will just dump into his pants
  • Crew brings a blanket to block the view, he hits the FA on the hand and tells her to take it away and help him...she obliges
  • He sits down and spreads his legs, exposing his genitals to the FA
  • They close the door, which he objects to. He says he is having shortness of breath from claustrophobia and they need to keep it open; they refuse but keep the door unlocked
  • After 15 min., he says he is done. They open the door to find him still sitting on the can with his pants at his ankles. He says "I'm done. You can wipe my butt now". She initially objects, to which he berates her saying she promised him and now she needs to do what he promised or he will just sit in the toilet for the rest of the flight
  • CP makes the call that cannot happen (J cannot lose a lav to this guy and the flight calls for severe turbulence throughout the flight so they cannot just leave him there), she will be the one wiping his butt, the FA will hold him in the front. They give him a blanket to coverup, he throws it off.
  • CP wipes, where he says "hmmmmmm, deeper, deeper". After wiping, he says she didn't do it properly. CP wipes 3 TIMES!!! After that, he says "you better have wiped me clean"
  • FA pulls his pants up for him after he demands she do it and says he will faint in the lav if she does not
  • Pax escorted back to seat, he uses the can for #2 again later in the flight, different group of FAs do the same as above (CP wipes again).
Post-flight till Press Conference:
  • The affected FA is a high profile TFAU union member
  • Report made but no contact with any flight attendant until the news broke the story
  • BR refused to approve work injury leave for the flight attendant when she called on her own accord
  • The CP has been called in for questioning; questions mainly were "why is there so many pictures of the pax on the internet? Who allowed this to happen? Why did it make it online? Why is the pax history online?" FAs say it is clear BR is asking why this story made the news and gave them a bad name.
  • LAX team will be questioned as well; union says they will most likely be punished and hope that they will not be.
Pax History:
  • Last assignment that any FA can remember with this guy is May of 2018 LAX-TPE-BKK. On that flight, the FA objected to helping him in the bathroom. He returns to his seat and proceeds to take #2 in the seat. The whole cabin proceeds to smell like this for the rest of the flight. A pax reportedly complains to the company and the Y crew is called in for a disciplinary hearing. There, they are warned and questioned as to why they affected other pax and did not instead agree so that no one else's experience would be ruined. FAs let off with a warning.
  • He pissed himself on another flight after they did not help him in the bathroom. The aircraft had to be pulled off the line so the seat trio could be removed and replaced.
  • He asked a Thai crew member on another flight to help clean and change his diaper. They refused and he proceeded to overflow his diaper into the cabin. Another pax complains and they are called in and warned again.
  • On another flight, he threatened to faint and lay in the cabin to make their lives worst if they did not help him.
  • On the connecting TPE-BKK flight, he spills juice into his crotch area and then demands they wipe it for him. They gave him napkins to clean himself, but he wants them to clean it and says "you can do better".
Union demands:
  • Help FA pursue legal remedies against pax
  • Blacklist Pax
  • Allow time off for the FAs involved
  • Improve SOP for blacklisting pax (they already have one)
  • Improve WHCR handling so these kinds of people never make it onboard ever again; practice strict procedures with WHCR pax

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