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Originally Posted by FlyerGoldII View Post
Booked our 22 yr old daughter to come with us to China - she is on an Aeroplan ticket and we are on a revenue ticket.
Itinerary: AC YOW-YYZ-PEK Air China PEK-SHA Asiana PVG followed by AC ICN-YYZ-YOW

She has 3 names, including middle name.

So I booked her Aeroplan ticket through my Aeroplan account, using her 3 names.

Then we took our visa applications to the Chinese visa processing centre in Ottawa.
The agent there noticed that the passport only had 2 names, but we had put all 3 names on the visa application.
So her middle name was removed from her visa application.

Obviously, when she had renewed a couple of years ago, she had elected not to add her middle name onto her new passport.
I have booked her flight tickets over the last couple of years - on AC - mainly domestic or transborder routes. But earlier this year, she did fly from Paris to Montreal on Air Transat. No issues on those flights.

The question is whether there will be an issue with her flights - as her name on her ticket "does not match" that of her passport - 2 names on passport and visa; 3 names on ticket.
Complication: besides AC - flying on Air China and on Asiana.
First, I'm surprised that the passport offfice would issue a passport with this mistake. Maybe go get her passport reissued with her legal name. I don't think you will have a problem, but if any problems come up, the ticket name will have to match passport.
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