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Originally Posted by R.bartlett View Post
where are or are there internet cafes or general Wi-Fi access in and around Havana.

we are travelling from our home in Tenerife to Havana to pick up the cruise ship msc opera. So in all will be spending around 5 days there.

havent been to Cuba for nearly 30 years so looking forward to seeing how its progressed

hints and tips other than Wi-Fi most welcome too.

You buy an internet card, available at major hotels. The current price is 1 CUC for an hour of use. You can access the internet, with the card, in hotels (and various restaurants, etc.). When you are finished, make sure you turn off the internet on your device, because if you don't, the time on your card will continue to run. A few other hints: The cards purchased at the Parque Central hotel will only work in that hotel; there are also hotspots (usually at public parks), where you can use your card--but it's not as comfortable as sitting in a hotel lobby; and the internet service can often be slow, although at other times it's excellent.
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