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Originally Posted by ijgordon View Post
The first business class ďlunchĒ service is *a lot* of food. Appetizer, soup, salad, main course, cheese/fruit, dessert. You can usually ask for extra soup if you want too. You may not even be that hungry for the pre-arrival snack service 5 hours later. But itís still fairly substantial, not that different from a domestic first class meal.

On the routing, is ATL even an option for the outbound to VCE? That may only be via JFK. On the daytime return, thereís no real reason to prefer the longer flight BCN-ATL than BCN-JFK, and JFK might be faster overall depending on layover. And BCN-CDG-RDU isnít a bad idea, although if that means 763 instead of A330 (I haven checked equipment), Iíd be inclined to prefer the 330 routing for the better seat.
Routing information comes from Delta's website. Options RDU-VCE are through JFK, ATL, CDG. Return BCN-RDU are the same.

My preference is to go through JFK both ways. I'll know in a week or two what the travel agent can do.
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