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Ticketing problem when upgrading ticket

I don't fly HA much, and have not posted on this forum before, but if I can get a brief piece of help I'd appreciate it.
I buy tickets for spouse and myself for April one way flight SJC-OGG-KOA. Initial fare is $293.80, and we paid an extra $90 to get exit row seats. When I went back to check the seats, there was an upsell to first class, so I went for it. I did it all with the chat guy on one---no human contact.

I noted that the one way fare for first class was $886.92 and asked the guy if there were hidden fees. He said no, that was it. So I did the deal
The amount I paid initially for my ticket was $383.90, which included the $90 for the special seat. The fare that was tacked on to go to F was $593.12, not $503.12.

I check my Hawaiian Air credit card (from Barcla Bank) and they have me charged 3 times---$293.90, a separate $90.00 and then $886.92. What's more, when I look at the value of my receipt on the HA website, it's only $886.92. So, the thing is I'm out of pocket $976.92. I tried to call and get them to refund $90 each for the tickets, but the agent was totally unhelpful and suggested that I simply fly the route first and appeal for refund later.

The whole thing (charging a separate ticket of $90) is not something I thought was a straightforward way to go. I would think it fair that it be refunded. Is this the way HA does business, or is there any way to go? Looking for advice.
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