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Originally Posted by bhomburg View Post
Delta One on international routes, no matter the destination, is not allowed with pets in the cabin. Internationally, on Delta one needs to travel Economy with a pet.
JV partner Air France also prohibits PETC in business class on longhaul flights ( but allows them in F, PE and Y), as does KLM, where passengers with pet carriers have to travel Economy. Virgin Atlantic is not an option at all.The only Delta partner where pets in the cabin are OK in business class transatlantic is Alitalia. 10kg weight limit, $200 one way (EUR 250 on the way back).
Emotional support dogs are allowed in Delta One (past rules). Nobody understands the new rules. If your dog is a service dog (trained) then allowed. IF ESD/Pysch service dog then not anywhere if trip > 8 hours. And instead of "any doctor's note" as in the past, as to be a note from a mental care specialist. American and Delta will now call the doc and ask "why"
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