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Lots of very interesting contributions from different FTers who are finding, or have found what works best according to particular interests, experiences and travel patterns.

@escape4: Thank you for your very comprehensive and balanced summary of your conclusions which are obviously based on a huge amount of personal experience. I don't disagree with anything you write, and cannot add anything from my own experiences. Accor is working very well for me now with my travel patterns however I fully agree that a balanced approach is the way to go, and that no chain is perfect. I am certainly envious that you can obtain top tier status with four of the biggest hotel chains ! That sounds ideal.

And I definitely agree that is very useful to identify particular properties (within the same brand) which are either overly stingy or overly generous and make repeat bookings accordingly. I really learn from the amenity/lounge/mini-review reports (as well as the excellent full reviews) . . . both positive and negative . . . which are posted here.

And I also agree with @BotB that going freelance with independent hotels can be very rewarding, especially with promotional packages that provide top tier-like benefits . . . and especially when big hotel chains reduce Loyalty benefits.

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