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Originally Posted by Quinlanty View Post
Flew a transcon, probably DC to SFO or NYC to SFO/LAX (Cant remember) in F, and towards the middle of the flight I asked the great flight attendant if there was anything sweet. Told me Y was sold out of snackboxes but he would hunt down the MVP chocolate. First time in years of flying that I have been given the chocolate. I have only flown two flights in Y on Alaska ever, so my question is chocolate only given to 75Kers flying in Y or PC?

When the chocolates were first given out, they were a thank you for the 75ks and MVPGs that did not get upgraded and did not want to have the "free drink on us". It has become very sporadic lately as to whether or not you get the chocolate. Sometimes you can have both a drink and chocolate, depending on the FA. In FC each passenger gets a chocolate at the end of flight or on their meal plate. Last night our FA had forgotten it and passed them out as we deplaned.
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