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Originally Posted by bhrubin View Post

Marriott IT doesn’t allow for non-refundable stays to be eligible for SNAs to be applied, either. So it isn’t so surprising that an unusual cash upgrade rate as you’ve arranged isn’t eligible for SNAs to be applied.

Again, your cash upgrade rate on an award stay is NOT the same as a standard cash+points rate.

You still will be eligible for a complimentary upgrade on arrival, just like any other Platinum guest. That has nothing to do with the automated system utilized for SNAs.

It makes sense. You just don’t like it.
This is unnecessarily apologetic to my eyes.

The stay in question is a Free Night Award stay, and thus should be eligible.

The cash upgrade is not relevant according to the terms, and in a world where Marriott IT systems functioned properly (rate should simply not be relevant to SNA requestability in the way it currently appears to be) it probably wouldn't be relevant to the Agent's computer either. The fact that a Marriott IT systems failure is unsurprising neither makes the program behavior in this case acceptable nor sensical.
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