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Originally Posted by FlugE View Post
For you people that have received an upgrade offer from Ascend to Aspire, how long did you have the Ascend before seeing the upgrade offer? I've had my Ascend for six months/statements and spent a bit over 20' on it and check my account every day hoping for the offer (with bonus). I do not want to cancel my Ascend as it is my first US card and I want to keep the little history built up already.
I upgraded before these offers, so can't answer your 1st question.
As for not wanting to cancel your Ascend, my acct number didn't change so I assume it's treated as an upgrade to an existing acct and not a "new/replacement" acct. They did send a new physical card, so the 4 digit "secret" confirmation number printed on the card had changed, just as it would when you get a new card to replace an expired one.
FYI ... there's not much to tell the Ascend physical card apart from the Aspire. The colors on my Aspire are a little darker, but there's no marketing logos other than AMEX and "Hilton Honors". On the back, just below the signature box, in tiny print, is the only place where it says Ascend or Aspire.
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