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Originally Posted by JK View Post
Thanks MikeFromTokyo and Aventine. All fair points, and hence my dilemma!

The flight is at 10am. So would mean leaving RC Kyoto around 5:30/6am (to be there for 8), and leave StR Osaka at 6:45/7am.

For now, I've got bookings at both, and will see which way the wind blows closer to the time (or where we book for dinner the night before!)

(The limousine bus sure does sound a winner, versus trains and changes. Taxis seem a little steep out there.)
For me it would not be worth a move to another hotel only for the time savings. However, if you happen to want to try St.R for a night, it makes perfect sense.

I am a late riser, so for me it would be an airport hotel on the night before a 10 am flight out of KIX, regardless of whether I were coming from Kyoto or Osaka.

Will you have a JR rail pass? If so, Kyoto to Shin Osaka on Shinkansen is very fast.
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