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Im sorry if were misunderstanding eachother. The online T&Cs allowing changes has been there since my company joined OB, and that is more than 5 years ago. The contradiction with the publicly visible T&Cs has been there since the revamp/devaluation 2 years ago.
Im specifically talking about the t and c being able to change the return after the outbound is flown.

If the discrepancy has been there that long im very surprised. All internal information and policy has been that the return was not changeable if the outbound was taken. The email today wasnt a reminder or anything else it was to explain change of policy as of today. It would mean that the t and c youve seen has been incorrect for years as it has not been changed officially till today. I suspect roll out of this and other stuff was intended when onbusiness was changed however could not be actioned for technical reasons.
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