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Originally Posted by Kilian Zoll View Post
We recently changed a ticket from paid Y to paid J (not a redemption) to ensure my pregnant wife could lie down on an upcoming flight, despite being a fairly short 3-3.5 hours. Just noticed now that CX have swapped the A350 for a regionally configured A330.

I've had numerous aircraft swaps on regional CX routes in the past and normally I don't really care. However this time we paid extra (for 2x tickets) to ensure we got lie-flat seats and I'm pretty disappointed to see they swapped the aircraft. Does anyone know our chances of being put on a different departure the same day (there's availability in the J cabin on every single flight at this stage), despite no availability in our booking class?
What is the route? Demand a refund and switch carriers, is my recommendation.

To be fair you knew the risk and rolled the dice, but I still sympathize because equipment swaps suck from the customer's perspective and personally I hate them (especially since CX regional J is so uncomfortable).

Except once or twice a year burning excess Asia Miles, I've switched all my Singapore business to SQ. You can get guaranteed longhaul J 4x daily and F suites or seats 3x daily. Japan is harder unless you fly Tokyo exclusively, where CX offers once daily guaranteed longhaul each way to HND. For every other flight except those once daily HND flights on the 77H/A, you're rolling the dice choosing CX .
(What's ironic about SIN is CX really has a superior product in J if CX sends a longhaul bird, IMO. CX lounges in HKG and SIN in my opinion are superior to what SQ J offers at both ends, as much as it pains me to endorse T4. And CX wifi, on about half the longhaul fleet and very rapidly being rolled out on the rest, beats SQ. Finally, I enjoy SQ J seat because I rarely recline on short flights, but if you want to lounge it isn't the best.

In F, however I think SQ crushes CX on short haul. Mostly because the CX regional F catering is very limited, especially for breakfast)
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