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Thank you all for the responses! Sorry if it might not have been clear but I'm not trying to plan the next 25 years of my life based solely off of the prospect of getting GGL. As I stated before, my main interests are in Industrial organisation and antitrust etc, Finance, and Development. I also very much enjoy Political Theory & Political Philosophy, Logic, Philosophy of Science, Mathematical Analysis and much more (PPE is a degree that will allow me to pursue all these interests and will also make me very analytical, rigorous, and understanding - hence why I chose to apply for it). I enjoy playing and watching various sports too, and enjoy watching films etc. etc. etc. However, at least at this point: (i) Industrial Organisation (ii) Finance (iii) Development are what interest me most and are fields which various career paths (namely those I listed) would allow me to explore/ approach in different manners. @BAfromZRH , for example, I would love writing a thesis on one of these fields and pursuing a PhD specialising in it (in fact even to date I've written various brief 20-page or so papers on optimal patents, patent races, derivatives, financial crises etc) and would also enjoy working in equity research (based off work experience I've done) and assume I'd enjoy working somewhere such as Compass Lexecon based off the fact that what they do aligns very heavily with my interests. I'm not just listing random careers and asking which one I should pursue just to get GGL!!

I have always loved flying and as such, how much I get to fly, and the quality of that flying, will play a role in determining what career to pursue (which I don't think is OTT for FT given that on the thread pertaining to whether or not one would ever choose to take a job with a Y-only policy, many said no, even if the job would come with substantial financial perks, and given that some fly for days on TP-runs all the way to Hawaii to get status!).

Its the substantial flying (usually in J+) required to get GGL, and not so much the GGL card itself, that entices me (again, sorry if this wasn't clearly articulated). Also, I've always really wanted a status card, and especially a GGL/CCR card, just for the sense of achievement and prestige! (Although I feel this desire would quickly fade after actually receiving the cards and being used to J/F travel....). Overall though, its the substantial flying at the front of the plane that would get me GGL, and not so much the GGL card itself, which I'm after in a career.

And the reason for me trying to plan is mainly because to get into a highly competitive field, one needs to structure their degree in a particular way, take internships etc, and so thinking about it earlier is always better!
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