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Dear xjk1
Please don't get me wrong, but I think your optimism needs some advice. First; choose a career that fits your preferences, a position that gives you joy to work in an environment where you can develop and grow. Second; finish your studies first, there is a long way to bachelor, then master and maybe a PhD. And please, write a doctoral thesis about something that interests you personally, because it's a p* in the a* if you have to write some papers for peer review about something you are not interested in. Third; a status has no inherent value itself. It's worth almost nothing if your employer pays you a first flight anyway and if he does, make him pay for Lufthansa or Emirates. All the fuzz around status is made by airlines to bind the paying customers, it's really not important in the end.

If you like flying that much, why don't you become a pilot? Why the detour in academics?

All the best!

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