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Im booked in business for YVR-CAN on China Southern in a couple weeks. All seat maps available including Seat Guru and China Southern's own online seat maps show 4 rows of business seats: Rows 11-14.
However, when selecting seats, the map only shows 3 rows (5,6,7) , and has assigned me seat 7A. - Which doesnt exist anywhere on any map...
Expert Flyer shows the same 3 rows.
Very strange. I wonder if there has been a seat reconfiguration on the 787-8? Or is it just an error?

Has anyone flown CZ's 787-8's lately?
I canít give you a definite answer, but noticed the same thing. The 787-8 and International A330-200 used to have the same configuration ...1 row first class and 4 of business. But, they both seem to have been reconfigured to just 3 rows of Bus (I flew an A330-200 2 weeks ago on a route Iíve flown several times before and it was 3 rows in Bus for the first time). Please report back after youíve flown.
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