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No photos... and youíll thank me for that favor after reading.

08 JAN DL1742 ATL>SNA. Pair in 4A/B. Woman in 4A is *egregiously* loud for the ENTIRE flight (Iím assuming it was alcohol-induced). So much so that many F pax are turning their heads and complaining to the FA (who mentions it, but has zero effect).

About half way into the 4-hour flight things begin getting amorous between them, and the loud conversation turns raunchy, for 2 hours. Unfortunately, I'm in 3C so even the slightest tilt of my head and I can see whatís going on. Iím no prude, mind you, but what was going on was 100% X-Rated. Complete with her high-decibel verbal play-by-play.

It was even worse than it sounds, believe it or not. Everyone, including the FA, was doing their best to ignore the show.
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