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Good to know as the water features were what made me consider taking the husband and 9 yo. Since this is the host hotel I don't imagine wed have access to the timeshare and i thought I could consider for the one extra night Id get if they were coming early. oh well with the cold pool/weather scenario it doesn't sound as compelling for the expense of flying in the fam given it sounds like its not particularly close to other site seeing options.
You do have complimentary access to the timeshare property facilities if you're staying at the Hill Country (and reciprocal access to the HR Hill Country if you're at the timeshare). I've done it multiple times.

My family visits HR Hill Country a couple of times a year, once always in late December. A week ago when we were there, temperatures were in the 40s, so we opted to not use the indoor pool at Wild Oak Ranch (the HRC timeshare) like we usually do, as it's really an indoor / outdoor pool and probably would've been a tad cold. That said, there were people using the HR lazy river, which is heated (steam rising and I put my hand it) -- so to each his/her own.

All that to say, February may still be a tad chilly for the main pool at HR, but the timeshare would probably be more than usable. Besides that, sea world is close, but the riverwalk is about a 20 minute drive.
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