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Originally Posted by Kacee View Post
If their demand model is reasonable, this anomaly should still happen only rarely.
How would this work if D-7 and J is empty and PE has 1 seat left, what should the availability look like?

Protect J's premium pricing, cash in on PE but risk going out with J half empty: J9 C4 D0 Z0 P0 O1 A0 R0
Sell your in-demand cabin below value so you can keep selling and start filling the higher cabin, still at a premium vs the lower cabin: J9 C9 D9 Z4 P4 O1 A1 R1
Keep availability balanced with demand and forgo higher pricing on higher cabin (subject of thread): J9 C9 D9 Z9 P0 O1 A0 R0

Or do you mean that the fare pricing isn't optimized enough at this stage and that is where changes should be made?
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