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While such a fare inversion is silly---no one would purchase the more expensive PE fare over a J fare unless the ticket is significantly more flexible---I suspect that the high prices are not an accident. I would bet that UA is hoping to charge a lot for these seats (that the $$/sq ft will average much more than economy, and maybe even higher than J).

I suspect some business travelers who used to purchase J seats are now going to be required to purchase PE. If the prices are high enough, those "downgrades" can be a win for UA. Who knows... over time, we may see a net migration of seats own from J and into PE.

It's interesting to me that the new PE seats are really just an updated and less comfortable version of the Pan Am business class ("Clipper Class") seats from the 80's (as I experienced when I was a kid and my dad's company flew us to Asia back in the day).

Ever since UA announced PE, I've felt that this could be the first step in the industry going back to the way things were at that time. J will be the new F, PE the new J, but the PE prices will be the same as the current J.
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