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Originally Posted by Rivarix View Post
Anyone had chocolate cake on board a CX flight (long-haul J class) recently? I was on CX841 (JFK-HKG) a couple of days ago and size of the cake was about the same as the opera at the F Wing (i.e. a small square). Was that a fluke (maybe they forgot to load enough cakes and decided to cut it?) or is this the new CX?

It's been about 3 years since I last flew CX long-haul so I don't have anything recent to compare with but I don't recall CX cakes on board ever being so small (yes, I like my dessert ...). I know CX is trying to save money left and right (and those cheap tickets ex-VN don't help) but still ....
They have switched from a full size (and cut + garnished at the spot - it was often good stuff!) cake/caking ceremony to presenting you a choice of two smaller sized, pre plated desserts for long haul JCL (old) service. Some time ago that roughly matches your figure of 3 years.
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