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Had a few upgrades over the years.

My favourite one was C to F on LH when flying back from Japan. Had used a GPU on my flight to MUC and was asked at check-in if i wanted to go via FRA and arrive earlier in the UK. After i said no (it was shortly after they opened the new LH lounges at MUC so thought of checking them out) she asked what if she managed to upgrade me to F. That of course changed the game but the best part was that she profoundly apologised for the inconveniences when i left the check-in desk smiling with my F boarding pass. At FRA i then went to the FC terminal and for my flight back to the UK, when being driven to the plane, i saw the bus with passengers had to wait until i got on the plane (and went to my seat in Y).

Another nice one was SQ Y to C from LHR to SIN which was not too long after they introduced charging for reserving exit row seats. For some reason i was still able to select a seat next to the exit and was sitting there when another passenger turned up with the same seat assignment (and presumably paid for that). Flight attendant was called came and asked me to get up and, just when i was about to protest, mentioned in a low voice that he'll take me upstairs;-)

Apart from that a few short-haul upgrades on LH/LX (typically away from a selected exit row seat to a seat with less legroom), one on NH NRT-SFO, and maybe a few others. Also an Economy to PE one for 3 of us (i as only one with any status) on LH from FRA to ICN which was quite as i was travelling with my kids and it made that trip quite a bit more comfortable.
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