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Follow-up to this thread: I noticed Norwegian seems to withholding the Premium fare class in favor PremiumFlex on this route during most of July and August. Not sure if it's because of their business woes and/or popularity of the route during that time. A cursory look at the seat plan using PremiumFlex shows an empty Premium cabin though.

This common practice? I'm guessing they'll open Premium when it gets closer and especially if they haven't sold any PremiumFlex fares?
Not sure. I've been watching the fare of the date I booked (one way, the other way I am using Virgin Atlantic Reward redemption). The flight is not full and they just dropped the LowFare+ from $419 to $335. But still no Premium available, only PremiumFlex. (also booked the Hilton London Banskide during the winter sale at 164, which recently dropped to 141 for my dates). You win some you lose some. Should have waited, but was worried about a rush (the eurostar and the Virgin Atlantic availability were going down),
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