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Originally Posted by SJWarrior View Post

seriously you found AA biz saver award to LHR. I have been searching only one month but to any city in Europe on AA but all I find is BA.

I asked upthraad if it was due to married logic but havenít heard back yet.
Oh sorry. I think it was married logic (out of SFO). I didnt check to see if the individual segments had their own availability though.

I don't think I did anything special here. I searched for SFO-LHR with the "AA only" option, looked at the full calendar, and kept moving it forward 2 weeks at a time, and wrote down all the days that had availability. Then I did the same in the reverse direction, and found 2 that were a little more than a week apart (which was how long I wanted my trip to be). Then I did a search for that date allowing "all partners" and using MLA as the destination instead of LHR (which is where I actually want to go), picked the option that routed on AA for TATL, held it, and booked it a few hours later.

For the outbound, there were a several scattered days of availability in July and August. For the return there was a lot more.

I'm flying SFO-LAX-LHR / LGW-MLA there, and MLA-LGW / LHR-JFK-SFO back, all in J. The stops in London are overnight but less than 24hr. BA for the LGW-MLA-LGW legs; AA on everything else.

Obviously I was extremely flexible with dates (this is a vacation to visit family -- I can go whenever I want) so I was willing to take anything in June, July, or August.

I'm not sure which month you are searching but I found nothing in June (I didn't check earlier)
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