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Originally Posted by lalala View Post
the rice looks tasty.
It was, it definitely was.
I must say that I was really quite impressed. I would have PREFERRED a more luxurious dessert, if I must complain. But as for the actual meal itself, from bread (and hey! They even catered butter this time!) to salad to entree, I was really very pleased with both quality AND quantity.
Alaska needs to keep up this good work; I was flying on an MVPG elite upgrade, but it made me reconsider whether I'd be willing to actually pay for AS F.

Originally Posted by AS737
It's supposed to be a snickerdoodle. All of the paperwork would have said snickerdoodle. Odds are catering just gave them the wrong cookies
I figured it was something like this.
I'd had a snickerdoodle on the outbound, PDX-DAL leg, and while it could have been good, it was actually undercooked, and had raw cookie dough in the middle.
Being a big fan of cookie dough, I wasn't particularly upset...!
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