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Originally Posted by Martellus View Post
Another day, another screwup by AA :/

I had a economy PVG -> DFW leg for two passengers on December 30th. My colleague had spare SWUs he couldn't burn so he generously waitlisted them for my flights. They clear, and I fly happily in Business.

Lo and behold, as I log in to my account I realize I'm left with 2 SWUs for 2019, and that apparently the SWUs were cleared from *my* account instead of my colleague's. Call into AAdvantage customer service to no avail, they couldn't see anything wrong, even though the upgrades were requested on October 30th (While I had 0 SWUs in my account, since I didn't even requalify until November 17th of last year).

Only option available is to talk to my colleague again to have him call in to explain the situation, so AA can retroactively withdraw his SWUs and credit me back mine. Not looking forward to subjecting him to that call.
Had this exact same thing happen to me but it was a senior executive at my firm. Ended up just eating the SWU loss. :-/
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