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Originally Posted by collin_mcclellan1 View Post
I was curious about this as well. Reading the terms and conditions of the card it states that the charge must post by year end to be included in the calendar year credit. Based on the terms I would think as long is it posts before the end of the year it should count towards that years credit.
Thanks for this. I actually charged an AA egc 12/24/2018, still haven't received credit. I also just received my authorized users CC's today. Does anyone have any experience with the travel credit getting applied as long as transaction date is before new year? I looked in previous years and I couldn't find any sample.

I also saw this though:

Originally Posted by bernardcyc View Post
My assumption is that if the transaction date of the Travel Fee Rebate is within 2015 then it would count towards 2015, even if the post date of the rebate is 2016.

I had $109 of seat fees eligible for reimbursement but was only reimbursed for $100 because I maxed out of the $250 annual limit in 2015. If it was counted towards 2016, I would have been reimbursed for the full $109...

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