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I wondered whether anyone had any views on the matter I'm about to present, or thoughts on how to raise this.

According to the Terms & Conditions on how to Earn OnBusiness Points:
- You can earn On Business Points on qualifying flights with American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia and all eligible partners. The eligible partners include BA CityFlyer, Air Nostrum, Comair, Sunair and Iberia Express. British Airways marketed routes operated by Japan Airline, Qantas and Qatar Airways are also eligible.
  • Marketed' means the flight will have a British Airways flight number (in your itinerary or on your ticket).
  • 'Operated' means the aircraft that you travel on is a British Airways aircraft (including franchises and BA CityFlyer).

- All published fares booked on eligible airlines, ticketed on American Airlines (001), British Airways (125), and Iberia (075) ticket stock are eligible to earn On Business Points.Reward Flights, group bookings, agency or industry discounted tickets and any other fares that have already been discounted, are not eligible to earn On Business PointsIn my bolding above, you will spot I have highlighted Qatar Airways.

So, fast forward to today, and I have credited 9 flights to the OnBusness program. All 9 were ticketed on BA 125 stock. All flights were ticketed on BA flight numbers. Indeed the flights I have added to my account, have increased my Airline Spend visible on the OnBusiness Dashboard. However, no OnBusiness points have been accrued.

When I called up OnBusiness to discuss this matter, they told me that flights on JAL, QF, and QR, are not eligible. But, they are - see the above Terms & Conditions.

What can I do? The person on the phone told me to write a Complaint to BA, but the fact that I have not been credited with Points, means I will be unable to use the current points I have (which expire in 2018) - the plan was for the newly accrued points, to add to the existing, and thus allow me to book something more than a few shorthauls.

Any advice would be appreciated, but this looks like a blatant attempt by BA to ignore their Terms & Conditions.

Have you actually just called back and queried this? I think this will make more sense than customer relations who will refer you back to onbusiness.
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