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The only thing I'm sure of is my Tracker updates on Fridays :P

For me, the Tracker updates early Friday morning. In fact, I've recorded my spend on mystatus for the past year.

My gut feeling was that each update includes charges made 10 to 3 days prior. I recently tried to parse out which transactions are included in each update but I found it was not a simple task. For example, one week it thought I spent only $29 but the only 2 transactions that added up to that amount posted on the same day and were surrounded by other charges! Another week had $0 change but the preceding 2 weeks were full of charges. I thought maybe they were using transact dates instead of post dates but that wouldn't account for these discrepancies either.

Even more puzzling, when I added up my total YTD spend in Mint as of Dec 27, I was ~$300 short of the Tracker's figure. It's not returns or the annual fee either (those were accounted for in Mint). I have an AU but all of their transactions would make more than a ~300 deficit.

Mysteriously, the latest update (Dec 28) shows new spend of $334 but there was no way I could have spent that much in a 7 day period, especially since I stopped using my card after Dec 20 to get a better reading. So maybe Chase has back some of the "lost" spending?

Anyways, my recommendation is to meet the spend early and go by the official number. Usually I wouldn't bother trying to cut it so close (in terms of time, not spend; last year I finished with $25008) but I don't have any other MSRs (spend reqs for credit card sign up bonuses) so I wanted to optimize my spend. No use in spending an extra $1000 that could count toward next year's spend.

Update: Finished at 25004. Had to email Chase since the tracker site didn't show last year's spend.

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