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Originally Posted by Eujeanie View Post
I think I'm now ready to get the Aspire. I felt I didn't need it in 2018 because we were Diamond, and our airline status was high enough that we didn't pay for any changes or cancellations. And we got a free night from our Ascend spend. But we're dropping down in status for 2019.

But I'm running into a problem. I have the regular no-fee Hilton, and my husband has the Ascend. For BOTH of us it is saying that if we want the Aspire, it is an upgrade with no bonus points. Not acceptable.

If I cancel my no-fee Hilton, and therefore have no Hilton Amex or any Amex cards, will I be able to apply "fresh" and get the bonus? It's 150K right now...was it higher before or is that pretty good? Is there a certain amount of time I need to wait between cancelling one and applying for the other?

And just a question (although I'm sure I know the answer) - does anyone regret getting the Aspire?
1. Correct. Absent the bonus, DO NOT upgrade, under any circumstances.

2. For most cardmembers, if you have under 4 revolvers (not charge cards), you can apply, and likely will be instantly approved for the Aspire with the bonus. If for some reason you're not eligible for the bonus, you'll see a pop-up. If you have 4 revolvers already, it will be declined for having "maximum" number of cards allowed. In this case, call memberships services, and they'll simultaneously close a card of your choice, and approve the Aspire. No need to wait first, or even cancel a card, since Amex will likely allow you shift CLs around to meet your needs.

3. 150K is pretty good, but with one bonus per lifetime, it may go up to 200K. But, given the terms of the Aspire currently, I'd take it.

4. No regrets! Actually, before this offer, I've stayed in Hiltons several nights my entire life, and my even have had complimentary Diamond status in the past. I just didn't care (never bothered with them, and was more focused on SPG), until the bonuses, free nights, airline credit, resort fee thing, etc...made staying at a Hilton, at least a few times, too compelling to ignore.

As I've told friends and colleagues, best card in the market today. I'll bet anything in a couple of years, Amex's is gonna water this down, much like the 50% MR bonus on the Bus Plat card airfare redemptions.
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