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Originally Posted by Tafflyer View Post
I feel for you.

OnBusiness has become a crap scheme. The most recent change a couple of years ago saw to that. The points you do now get are a fraction of what you previously received and redemptions in premium classes have also doubled. By my reckoning you now need to spend 4 times as much for the same redemption. Economy redemptions did not increase by as much but no longer get fulfilled from the previous B bucket but from the V bucket meaning that any BA Gold card holder has access to the same inventory for (much better value) Avios redemptions. Indeed Business redemptions are now fulfilled from R buckets as opposed to the previous C bucket which to me is a further devaluation.

I have had endless flights that do not credit correctly and while the service agents are usually friendly, actually getting hold of somebody that understands the scheme is hard work. This time of year, that will be almost impossible, especially if you have to use Bremen, like me.

My most recent flights, which had to be rerouted due to the LGW incident have also not credited. BA issued new tickets to Iberia to reroute me via MAD and I checked the OB number was still in the PNR but of course no credit. And, no chance to claim for credit until 10 days after the flights, which just as you, restricts me spending other points due to expire in 2 days time.

I hardly ever have flights credit the same amount of points as €’s shown on the tickets but have given up wasting my time claiming the differences as the amount of time this consumes is in no way relative to the value of the points.

Once, when attempting to change the return flight on an OB booking, I was refused the change quoting the T’s and C’s which was absolute BS and I had to screenshot BA’s own website back to them to “persuade” them to perform the change.

My collection of points will soon be either used or expired and I see no point continuing to use the scheme. The chances of collecting enough points for a worthwhile redemption have vanished. The idea of the scheme to help smaller bussinesses cannot be fulfilled, since it is only the larger spending businesses which can now really benefit at all, although even in their case much less than previously.
I agree that the scheme was heavily devalued a couple of years ago, especially in terms of finding availability - which used to be much better than Avios.

However, I've got the points, and I might as well try and burn them up...albeit the inconsistency seems to be a stumbling block!

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