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Thanks for the reply.
How is the evening food in the lounge ?
Fairly decent. They had veggies, rice, dumplings (potstickers), fish (salmon and white), potatoes (fried, baked and mashed), curry chicken, pork. They served fish and chicken each of the four nights i was there along with the other items. I would say the only downside was the desert, there was nothing special about the desert options. I'm not a beer person but i tried the local beer (Pilsner) they had, it was ok. This beer is advertised everywhere in Prague, wish i knew what good beer was to compare. Appetizers and alcohol are from 530pm - 730pm, but wine is available all night.

Breakfast in lounge is minimal and you can order an omelet from there, we opted for the restaurant each morning. FYI there is a little section in the restaurant where little kids can play with a few toys. This was great when one of us wasnt done eating and our toddler was fussing.
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