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2018 Finale: From the San Joaquin Valley to the Pacific Coast

Tour of Duty 5th December 2018 to 19th December 2018
Part IV: 18th December to 19th December

I thought I was possibly done for the year but alas I learned of another short trip that would keep me busy until closer to the holiday. There was some confusion as to where the truck was going. Dispatch first thought Oxford, CA near Sacramento then said Oxnard, CA in Ventura County. The trip paperwork at first said Oxnard, CA. Later I found the truck was going to Point Magu, CA. I accepted the dispatch and booked an itinerary to Bakersfield on Amtrak. I got transport to the Train Station in Fullerton and checked in and checked bags. The train was a few minutes behind.

Amtrak #767 FUL-LAX Pacific Surfliner
Depart: Scheduled 10h45, actual 10h57
Arrive: Scheduled 11h25, actual 11h29

The train left Fullerton 12 minutes late and there were no intermediate stops before it arrived 4 minutes late at Los Angeles Union Station. I did not bother to go the Cafe Car due to the short duration of the trip.

Amtrak #5817 LAX-BFD Amtrak Thruway Bus Connection
Depart: Scheduled 11h55, actual 11h48
Arrive: Scheduled 14h45, actual 14h06
Reclaim checked bags 23 minutes after arrival

The bus left 7 minutes early and made an intermediate stop in Glendale. The bus arrived in Bakersfield 39 minutes early. I had to wait for my checked bags and I did some paperwork while I waited. After I reclaimed my checked bags I got transport to the shipper and checked in and loaded my gear and did inspection before a fellow "Benedict Arnold" signed the Bill of Lading and I was underway.

Trip: Bakersfield, CA to Point Magu, CA 128 paid miles
Make: 2015 Freightliner
Model: Bucket/Boom Truck
Transmission: Automatic
Route: California 99 to Interstate 5 to California 126 to California 118 to California 1
Maximum elevation: Tejon Pass 4,144 feet Interstate 5 one mile south of the Los Angeles/Kern county line
Highest diesel price USA: 3.999$ per gallon at Pilot Castaic, CA
Lowest diesel price USA: 3.759$ per gallon at Flying J Bakersfield, CA

I saw the fuel level was at a quarter tank and the tank was only 50 gallons so I knew I needed fuel. I actually headed north to the Flying J to take on fuel. The Flying J is north of Bakersfield and the GPS on my electronic logbook said shafter but the truckstop is actually considered to be in Bakersfield. Then I headed to Hodel's and took a quick look at the buffet and was not impressed so I headed to Milt's and found it was parked too full so I finally headed to Zingo's Cafe where I had evening rations consisting of a salad, fries and a ribeye steak sandwich. Afterward I continued south up and over the Grapevine and I took on a few more gallons of fuel in Castaic due to the burn rate. I ended up spending the night in Castaic, CA.

Wednesday I headed west on California 126 and enjoyed a scenic drive. Last time I took the 126 some areas were two lane but since then all of the 126 was twinned and some is actually expressway. I made a quick stop at Missile Park in Point Magu to take some pictures and phoned up the receiver to get clarity about directions then I headed to the drop location where the receiver took custody of the truck. After I dropped the truck I got transport to the Transit Centre in Oxnard where I bought a train ticket to Fullerton. It turned out the train was late so there was a wait.

Amtrak #782 OXN-FUL Pacific Surfliner
Depart: Scheduled 13h42, actual 14h20
Arrive: Scheduled 16h37, actual 16h41
Reclaim checked bags 7 minutes after arrival

I boarded the train and took a seat and the train left Oxnard 38 minutes late. The train made intermediate stops in Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Chatsworth, Van Nuys, Burbank Airport, Glendale and Los Angeles Union Station before proceeding to Fullerton. I had late midday rations from the Cafe Car. There was a planned layover at Union Station which was shortened considerably allowing the train to make up some time and we arrived at Fullerton 4 minutes late. I got my checked bags and got transport home in time for the Christmas and New Year's Holidays.

Los Angeles, California

My ride from Bakersfield, California to Point Magu, California

Fillmore, California in one location on California 126 in Ventura County

Point Magu, California

Point Magu, California

Point Magu, California

Oxnard, California

Chatsworth, California

Glendale, California

Glendale, California

Santa Fe Springs, California

Buena Park, California sunset 19th December 2018
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