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December Doings

Tour of Duty 5th December 2018 to 19th December 2018
Part I: The Flights and First Night Out
5th December

I learned of and accepted a trip from Texarkana, Texas to Ehrenberg, Arizona. A flight to Little Rock was booked and a Greyhound bus ticket was booked from North Little Rock, AR to Texarkana, AR. A room was booked for the night of Wednesday the 5th of December in North Little Rock.

Wednesday the 5th of December came and I saw it rained it least some the previous night as the streets and sidewalks were wet. I got transport to LGB and it was overcast but not raining. I checked in and checked bags which weighed 40.0 and 46.0lbs. I cleared security and opted out and was patted down. Both of my carry ons were given additional manual screening. Total time from beginning of check in to clear of security was 23 minutes.

Southwest #3420 LGB-LAS B-737-700 Boarding Pass A53
Seat 21A Cruising altitude 29,000 feet Estimated flying time 0:42, actual 0:41
Depart: Gate 2 Scheduled 12h00, actual 12h01 Taxi: 11 minutes
Arrive: Gate C4 Scheduled 13h10, actual 12h58 Taxi: 5 minutes

I boarded via rear stairs. It was announced the flight would be bumpy and service would be suspended. The plane was mostly but not totally full with a load of 98/143. My row had an empty middle seat. Pushback was one minute late and takeoff was the opposite direction than usual, to the southeast. We circled to the right to head northeast. I saw LGB, Interstate 405, Interstate 605 and the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base before we went into the clouds at 1min25sec. I saw sunlight at 3min35sec. At 0:12 I saw limited breaks in the cloud cover over the Mojave Desert and I saw Interstate 15 and Victorville. I felt bumps during climb and cruise was announced at 0:17 and we would arrive at LAS landing to the west on time or early. I thought I felt descent at 0:21 while in the clouds. At 0:33 I saw the Las Vegas metro area and the 215 ring road. We overflew LAS at 0:34 and headed east then turned north and west and landed to the west and arrived at gate 12 minutes early. We deplaned via jetway. I did not get anything to eat during the layover at LAS.

Southwest #1057 LAS-LIT B-737-700 Boarding Pass A50
Seat 23F Cruising altitude 41,000 feet Estimated flying time 2:30, actual 2:20
Depart: Gate C24 Scheduled 14h10, actual 14h06 Taxi: 13 minutes
Arrive: Gate 10 Scheduled 19h05, actual 18h43 Taxi: 4 minutes
Reclaim checked bags <16 minutes after arrival

We boarded via jetway. The plane was not full with a load of 66/143. I had an entire row to myself. Pushback was 4 minutes early and takeoff was to the west and we turned south then east southeast. We went into clouds at 0:03. I felt some real good bumps during climb. The clouds broke at 0:24. I saw snowcapped mountains and snow on the ground. I got Ritz "Plane Crackers" at 0:27 as skies cleared over northern Arizona. At 0:41 I saw Interstate 40 and Gallup, New Mexico. Then I saw red cliffs east of Gallup. Seatbelt sign went off at 0:43. I got cup of soda at 0:45 over northwest New Mexico. At 0:52 I saw the Rio Grande and the Albuquerque area to the distance and at 0:53 I saw the Sandia Mountains. At 1:01 we crossed Interstate 25 over northeast New Mexico. I dozed off for part of the flight. I thought I felt descent at 1:56 over eastern Oklahoma. Seatbelt sign went on at 1:58 as descent was announced. I saw the lights of the Little Rock area at 2:14. We landed to the southeast and arrived at gate 22 minutes early. We deplaned via jetway. I found out LIT was renamed Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport and I took some pictures of exhibits before leaving the secure area. It is possible my checked bags beat me to baggage reclaim. I got my bags and for the first time this season I broke out my winter jacket as it was 39F at LIT. I got transport to hotel after finding out there was no airport shuttle though the location was listed as having an airport shuttle. I checked in and walked to McDonald's for evening rations before spending the night in North Little Rock, AR.

WN3420 LGB-LAS 5th December 2018 After Takeoff from LGB

WN3420 LGB-LAS 5th December 2018 On Descent to LAS

WN1057 LAS-LIT 5th December 2018 Just after takeoff from LAS

WN1057 LAS-LIT 5th December 2018 Typical Southwest Service

WN1057 LAS-LIT 5th December 2018 The Snowy Southwest

WN1057 LAS-LIT 5th December 2018 Coloured Bridge Over the Arkansas River

WN1057 LAS-LIT 5th December 2018 Little Rock Lights

LIT A sign I was in the Bible Belt

LIT Welcome to Little Rock
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