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great details Raffles !

Originally Posted by Londonjetsetter View Post
That series has put me off ever wanting to go to Cliveden. Why on earth would they agree to it? It shows how understaffed and chaotic the place is and focuses on the most vulgar and tacky guests.
"no publicity is bad publicity" sometimes owner not well informed, decisions made by PR etc

the latest strategy from FS >
Originally Posted by Kagehitokiri View Post
"invitation-only evening"
"Instagrammable florals"
frankly guest mix can be a problem everywhere and can be a reason to travel last minute. all brands and almost all properties allow large groups, and doesnt really matter who those guests are.

my interests with regards to luxury hotels/properties seem to keep narrowing. i find myself coming to agreement with many extremely different perspectives here, on various interests and preferences. altogether those perspectives leave not much left of interest.

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