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Originally Posted by KARFA View Post

no difference in terms of eligible selling classes whether booked with ba or a ta. There are additional restrictions for UuAs with a ta booking (e.g. not having non-BA flights) but I have noted them above.
That was also my understanding. I am no expert and just trying to learn, but there is a comment on HFP about this.

A word of warning here.
If you buy a WT+ ticket from Amex they sometimes sell you a BT class fare instead of the T class your ticket will state it is.
This then means you can not upgrade it to CW.
Extremely poor behaviour from Amex and there is absolutely no indication it is a BT class fare on any screens or any documentation you receive – it is only when you contact BA to upgrade that they explain what Amex has done to screw you.

This is not a case of not checking the class of what you are buying, it will say T-class all the way through and even on the tickets you are sent.

Appalling behaviour.
Never heard of two-letter fare buckets myself, so doesn't make much sense to me. Does it to anyone more leaned?

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