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Originally Posted by corporate-wage-slave View Post
I don't believe it does (though if USA based there are regulatory issues involved there, so this answer applies to the UK Amex Travel). If you are going to use an online travel agency, Amex is one of the good guys, relatively speaking, but still there remains advantages in direct booking.

I believe that Amex UK can do this, provided it is done at the time of purchase - whether it's part of the offer I know not.
Originally Posted by UKTraveller4Fun View Post
Thanks, so I cannot book the ticket then upgrade it with avios via later only at time of purchase.
I think cws has confused UuA with GUFs - understandable considering the amount of time he has been helping people with the LGW thing over the last few days.

For a UuA (so upgrading with avios) a TA cannot do it at all since they have no access to your avios. You can make the booking with a TA and then, subject to there being reward space, you call BAEC to do the UuA.

There are also some other restrictions when UuA'ing a TA booking, this is the relevant section from the TP run thread.

Upgrading Using Avios (UuA) & Gold Upgrade Vouchers (GUF)
A quick note on doing UuAs is that you can do these for exEU itineraries (or you can apply a GUF if you have any). The following restrictions for UuAs apply though:

Summary guide to bookings which can be upgraded with Avios:
  • BA issued tickets (can include other carriers) ^
  • TA issued (on BA stock) booking with only BA flights ^
  • TA issued (on BA stock) booking with other carriers
  • Tickets issued on non-BA stock
The rules have previously said that the TA has to issue the ticket in the country of your BAEC membership as well. However, apparently this is not enforced consistently so hopefully this shouldn't be an issue. See these two posts for more information on that point &

A BA Holiday booking (flights & hotel) is UuA'able and treated as a TA booking, so a booking including non BA flights could not be UuA'ed. Also a BA Holiday booking which was made using a TA can not be UuA'ed.

Note that even if booked direct with BA on a 125-... ticket you can't UuA BA marketed and AA operated flight. The BA flight must be both BA marketed and operated.

There is more information on UuA'ing TA bookings here.
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