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I would keep an eye on the fare buckets being sold. If PE is sold out and there are still available seats in Upper Class, then you or somebody else is potentially going to be upgraded. That "somebody else" would probably have status, in which case they'd be freeing up one of the better PE seats. Alternatively you'll be in the bulkhead row or subject to involuntary downgrading.
Don't like the sound of 'involuntary downgrading' how often does that happen in PE? What's the advantage of OCI if I can't select seat? They'll just check me in and give me a seat and the baggage drop.

Checking the booking site they still have 2 seats to sell in PE and 5 in Upper, how many seats do they overbook each cabin by?

If for example it's 2 they will have sold all 35 PE seats now so I should have a seat yet if 1 or 2 more people buy a ticket between now and the flight they could take my seat. Bit unfair that people who book after you could force you to be downgraded or bumped. One advantage to economy as well as price is you can't be downgraded!
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