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No seats left to assign in PE

Flying LHR-HKG early Jan in PE, flight looks full as end of Xmas holidays. No seats left so canít pre reserve one.

35 seats total. 5 rows of 7 (787 layout), Expert Flyer shows 28 already reserved with the 1st bulkhead row blocked.

Online chat told me to wait for OCI, however do they release the bulkhead row for OCI or will I be waiting until the airport before I get a seat?

Hate non aisle seats and like to move quite a lot (poor sleeper), will annoy my adjoining passengers clambering over them when asleep if I donít have an aisle.

Any suggestions on how I maximise chances of an aisle seat? Will try OCI at +24 but no use if they wonít let me choose a seat then. Canít get to LHR until 2-3 hours ahead as ~4 hours away.
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