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Originally Posted by yankees368 View Post
Hi, that's my article. It is weird, but that was my experience. I flew again a few weeks later and used only the Browse plan and had no issues at all doing "browsy" things. This stuff is pretty hit or miss, but the throttled speeds of the browse plan are high enough to allow for low resolution streaming.
Perhaps I should have updated the thread with my own later experience on Monday. Speeds got better (I did not actually check the precise speed again) but rather patchy in some areas. I was on the basic e-mail package but got a reasonable connection to Sky News, on which I was able to watch part of the Brexit debate in the HoC live and without interruptions. Overall moderately impressed, but still some way to go to justify charging 50% more for 8 hrs slow connection, than I pay for a month's fast broadband at home !.

Also, there was no announcement that the service was operative and I only knew to check thanks to this thread. Presumably once there is a mass take up, the service will really suffer.
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