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Finishing up my second night here, it's my first stay. So far, it's been mostly fine. They were kind enough to upgrade me to a park executive suite. It's nicely laid out, spacious, and well-kept. Hate to ruin the ongoing narrative but haven't seen a single bug or heard the BTS from my room (although the latter is because my room is on the opposite side of the hotel).

Biggest flaw so far is the concierge staff who don't speak English well, don't appear to have any connections, and get basic facts wrong, like not knowing that BTS has either a day ticket or a prepaid card called Rabbit. Biggest plus is the excellent breakfast, which is included in my rate.

Will report if any of this changes, but so far, I'd be quite happy to stay here again.

Edited to add: When I inquired about a restaurant that locals went to, one of the concierges recommended a Chinese place canned Sun Moon that was very very local feeling -- about 12 tables, in an obscure part of town, downscale looking. The food was great; everything was cooked sanitarily and to order, and it totaled about $8 a person. This redeemed the concierge staff a fair amount in my book.

Also, I am sorry someone had a cockroach in their room at the PH, but I saw no indication at all, anywhere, that something like that is currently happening. Maybe when it first opened and construction was still underway in nearby areas, but definitely not now.

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