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Originally Posted by The Situation View Post
Perhaps because SLC is a hub for OO? Now that I think of it, those flights have the most random A/C - everything from CRJ900 to A321s
I imagine that if you look at SEA's big blocks of international departures/arrivals you'd see a correlation between the size of the metal being used (E-175 vs A321) for flights that work nicely with those departures.

Given that SLC is already a West Coast hub (in fact, moreso than SEA in terms of routes), most traffic going SLC<->SEA is going to further connect to a select set of destinations - mostly further East destinations or international destinations. Those tend to have certain time of days that those work - hence the change in metal.

Compare LAX<->SLC where there are many, many destinations not served in common - those will have a more balanced supply/demand profile for connections (less dependent on, e.g., TPAC departure windows).
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