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Are all the flights on one ticket? Or is this trip using separately booked tickets and do you have luggage that you plan to check in for the flights?
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I have a single ticket/PNR for my onwards and return journey.

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I checked that already but not got a satisfactory response to my specific query
Well, that is the problem with these long threads. All the information is in there, but hard to find. Here you go:

Originally Posted by shivam2004 View Post
1) Is 1.15 Hr connection time enough for me to get out of flight move from terminal 2 to terminal 5 ?
2) Would i require to pass again from security control in between the two terminals ?
3) Best and fastest way with detailed guideline to swiftly move between the two terminals once i land at Stockholm T2.
1) Normally yes, if the incoming flight is on time 1,15hrs is more than enough time. You'll walk land-side about 15 minutes from T2 to T5. You can also take the train which takes about a minute. But going down there, takes longer than heading to T5 directly... There is also a bus from T2 to T5 which allows you to stay airside: https://www.swedavia.com/contentasse...ransferbus.pdf, but sometimes wait for the bus and the ride on the bus takes longer than just walking over as well.
2) If you do not take the bus, as above, yes. If you take the bus, you will not need to clear security again.
3) I'd just head out T2 land-side, follow the signage for T4/Skycity/T5, arrive in T4, keep on walking towards Skycity/T5, arrive in Skycity, keep on walking to T5. Enter T5 air-side by clearing security. Should be about 15 walk if you are walking at a normal adult pace...
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