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Originally Posted by Key8 View Post
How nuts - They really dragged someone to court for having thrown the last leg away and paid at the same time for new ticket because he needed to go somehwere else?

So let me guess this right: When bookding Lufthansa I need to calculate in an additional fee in order to buy legal insurance against the risk
- that the airline sues me, because I might change my plan (or turn sick) after they sold me and and I am only able to use in part....
- that the airline does not fly and refuses compensation due and the only way is to go to court.
- that they do fly, but are not able to provide the miles (which In consider part of the contract) and the only way to get them is to go to court.

I am waiting for the market to offer such an "airline mess" insurance....
When it's finally offered, it will probably be provided by a Lufthansa company. That way, it's a true win-win scenario for them.
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