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Originally Posted by daisyatl View Post
Thanks. It looks like a $50 change fee because I am Platinum. I did not realize there would also be additional taxes.

Is there a window where one can be sure as to the type of aircraft that will be used? I can wait, although I guess the availability may not be there is people are waiting on GPUs to clear.
Yes, $50 for Platinum. The difference in Air Passenger Duty is 75. (Travel in Y is 75 for flights over 2000 miles; travel in J/F is 150. Travel on a private jet, OTOH, is 450, so it could be worse.

You can't be sure of what kind of plane will be used until you land in San Francisco. Even if it's Polaris when you board, you never know when an emergency might result in a diversion. A more helpful answer would be that you're likely to have a pretty good idea sometime the previous evening, when the plane that's supposed to make the 9:30 departure leaves from the US. (Currently, that plane is coming from IAD, but that's subject to change). Use the "Where is this plane coming from" feature. Once the plane takes off from the US, if it has the Polaris seatmap, there's a pretty good chance that it'll keep it, and then you're just hoping that they don't reassign the planes overnight.
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