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Originally Posted by mikeyyz View Post
I totally agree. The rare time a SQ PPS member is in Y it makes sense they would take good care of them (either fully booked J or who knows why else)
Heck even if it's not rare for them to be doing so, I'd argue it still makes sense. A frequent flyer by definition will be on planes a ton of times (i.e. ua1flyer). You can't tell me with a straight face that they'll always travel in J when it's available. For short haul sectors where the fare differential is high it simply doesn't make sense to fly in J (i.e. would you pay $2,000 to fly J from YYZ to ORD as a GS?). I wouldn't be surprised if many PPS members fly 25% of their flights in Y on SQ. I suspect, that frequent flyers open their wallets up on those long haul segments where the benefits of having a lie flat seat, work area and quality lounge make tons of sense. Would love to hear actual frequent flyers preferences on these.

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