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Originally Posted by yyznomad View Post

My gist was that LH allows *G to use F services such as checkin, IRROPS, etc.

im speaking from personal data point experiences. I used F services every single time.

anyway this is all apples to oranges comparison since AC doesn't have F.
My (limited) experience with Lufty is as a *Gold I could use the J/Star Gold lane. Interesting to hear you could in theory also use the F lanes.

Of course that's all hypothetical since I've yet to encounter LH F (it may exist but on the routes I'm flying like FRA<->YYZ, it's Y/PY/J). The global trend from airlines seems to be moving away from F service, be it UA, AC following the retirement of their 747s >10 years ago and elsewhere. It's becoming quickly apparent to the airlines that they can make a heck of a lot more money replacing one F suite with a couple of J seats. That being said, I look forward to one day burning through some AeroPesos to try LX F before it goes the way of the dodo.

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