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What explanation were you given for WHY the cancellation?
The hotel is being closed apparently, and all reservations after Dec 22 are being canceled. It might be for renovations, but the rep wasn't certain. The rep mentioned they are receiving a lot of calls about it today. A cancellation on any other night would have been easier to rebook, but a room on Dec 31 near Times Square is hard to find. Ended up booking a night at the HGI a block south.

Was the reservation in dollars or points? If it was points, and you did not show, they would charge you 95K pts. Since they are not providing you a room, they should credit you at least 95K points! If it was a dollars reservation, I think I'd still demand 95K points for the inconvenience.
It was a points reservation for 95k, which was refunded back to my account. They offered 10k for the inconvenience and I requested 20k, which the rep provided, although I probably should have requested more.
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